Honor Guard Member Al Martinez
​Funeral Procession Westbound on 111th Street for William F. Grant (Badge # 1983) of Truck Co. 51
Members of Engine Co. 115
Ceremonial Bell Ringing for Fireman John Carpenter

Monument outside 
Engine Co. 98 - Ambulance Co. 11
Firefighter & Paramedic Memorial Park
Corey Ankum
Edward Stringer, Sr.
Christopher Wheatley
William Grant
Patrick Cramer
Scott Gillen
LC Merrell
Thomas Prendergast
Eugene Blackmon
Anthony Lockhart
Patrick King
Michael Drobitsch
Edmond Coglianese
Michael Talley
John Hurter
Stanley Scott
Raymond Magnus
Steven McNamee
Donald Kaczka
Kelvin Anderson
Donald Wilson
Jessie Stewart
Thomas O'Boyle
Michael Forchione
Daniel Nockels
Ralph Kayser
Teddy Jezuit
James Hill
Thomas O'Donovan
Aldo Simioni
Bernard Rogers
Richard O'Connor
Robert Liesz
             LODD Funeral on July 13, 1943
   Fireman Thomas McCarthy of Engine Co. 12
These are the plaques that are outside of Engine Co. 42.  They are the members from Engine Co. 42, Hook & Ladder 3
and Squad Co. 1.  (enlarged to read the names, the picture below shows the memorial wall)  The members from the   firehouse did an outstanding job here to remember our fallen brothers.  This firehouse is located at 55 W. Illinois St.
John Kiser
M.A.B.A.S. Division 10
(pictured from left to right) Chief Wagner, Zach Green, John Scheinpflug, Chuck Iglinski and John Kiser
Plaque presented for Fire Hydrant