The 571 badges on the 1st floor at the R.J. Quinn Fire Academy 558 W. DeKoven
 Engine Co. 124 - Truck Co. 38 - Ambulance Co. 32
                                Battalion 10
Engine Co. 34 - Tower Ladder 54 - Ambulance Co. 21
Engine Co. 62 - Truck Co. 27 - Battalion 22
Engine Co. 39 - Battalion 15
The Franzen Family outside Engine Co. 54 - Truck Co. 20 - Ambulance Co. 14 - Battalion 18
    (Rescue 2 at O'Hare) Engine Co. 10 - ARFF 6-5-4
                    6-5-5 - 6-5-6 - AmbulanceCo. 16
     Engine Co. 97 - Battalion 24 
  Engine Co. 110 - Truck Co. 12 - Battalion 10
The Liesz Family and Lieutenant John Leonard
Wall Plaque inside firehouse at Engine Co. 124
The Magnus Family at Engine Co. 76
 Plaque by Badge Case
Wall Plaque outside firehouse at Engine Co. 7 - Truck Co. 58 - Ambulance Co. 7
  Mary Rose and son Steven displaying Father's Badge
Wall Plaque inside firehouse at Engine Co. 124
Bell Ceremony at Engine Co. 124
Wall Plaque inside firehouse at Engine Co. 124
3D painting by (Retired) Lee Kowalski of Truck Co. 16
Line of Duty Patch
     54th & Oak Park
  Firefighter Walter Watroba Memorial at Engine Co. 13 - Truck Co. 6 - Battalion 1 - Dive Unit 6-8-6 and 4-5-1
  Wall Plaque at the R.J. Quinn Fire Academy
Firefighter Memorial Park
Fireman Spatz Badge Ceremony - December 19, 2011
           Ceremonial Bell ringing at 1744 E. 75th St. for FF Stringer and FF/EMT Ankum
     Statue outside Truck Co. 24 - Ambulance Co. 29
  The Merrell Family
 Chicago Fire Department Pipes & Drums playing at Engine Co. 63 prior to funeral of FF Edward Stringer
     10/23/89 - Members from Hook & Ladder Co. 58
                 remembering their brothers from 
                             LODD - Feb. 1, 1985
​1/9/73 - Engine Co. 98 (turning west onto Superior) carrying
 casket of FF Alfred E. Stach (badge #1270).  Engine Co. 25 (north on Michigan) carrying casket of FF Timothy W. Moran
   (badge # 4682) and Engine Co. 104 carrying casket of FF   Richard E. Kowalzyk (badge # 856). Line of Duty Deaths from Jan. 6,1973.  Forum Restaurant roof collapse at 64 W. Madison
Fire Boat - Engine Co. 2 "Christopher Wheatley"
Rabbi Moshe Wolf and Father Thomas Mulcrone

  Honor Guard Member
  Firefighter Joe Pease
Lt. George Gonzalez
Chief Jim Purl
Members of Truck Co. 45
Members of Engine Co. 120
Stockyard Memorial Service on December 22, 2011
Members of Battalion 7 and Firefighters Local No. 2
Members of Engine Co. 71
Monument of John B. Dickey 
1st Line of Duty Death
Along Western Ave.
Thank You to Tim Olk (Fire Dept. Photo Unit), Mike Bloom (Round Lake Fire Dept.) and Justin Kreimes 
(CFD Truck Co. 2) for allowing this web site to post some of their photos.  They are good friends to the
Fire Service and we deeply appreciate their continued support in honoring the LODD and their families.
               Wall Plaque at R.J. Quinn Fire Academy
                      Engine Co. 50 - Truck Co. 18
These three Wall Plaques are at the R.J. Quinn Fire Academy on the first floor
                    Wall Plaque inside firehouse at
       Engine Co. 76 - Truck Co. 35 - Abulance Co. 52
                      Statue outside firehouse at
  Engine Co. 110 - Truck Co. 12 - Ambulance Co. 40
                        Plaque outside firehouse at
     Engine Co. 116 - Squad Co. 5 - Ambulance Co. 49
                       Plaque outside firehouse at
 Engine Co. 5 - Truck Co. 2 - Ambulance Co. 28 and 5-1-5
                                           Wall Plaque outside firehouse at
                            Engine Co. 1 - Aerial Tower 1 - Ambulance Co. 41
Wall Plaque inside firehouse at Engine Co. 107 - Ambulance Co. 33
Honor Guard Member Art Aranda

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Steven McNamee's brick at Firefighter's Memorial Park
10 Year Anniversary of Lieutenant LC Merrell Truck Co. 24
  Commander Joe Rimkus (left) and
    Battalion Chief Lee Basile (right)
 Deputy District Chief Robert McKee (left)
      and Lieutenant Gary Coney (right)
Firefighter John Scheinpflug presenting Firefighter Rich Pinskey
(left) from Ignite The Spirit and Lieutenant Dan Swift (right) from
  CFD Pipes & Drums each with a $1000. check.  These donations
come from the sales of the Line of Duty Death sticker and patch.